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Our History
SHELL MAKEUP is a brand founded by ChiiLee in 2019.
In order to provide better services for newly created makeup brands, new product development and global customers.
Customers can more intuitively understand that we focus on makeup, and also use shells to symbolize that our packaging like a shell caring and highlighting your beauty.
Our Factory
Our factory was established in 1980.
Initially we were a mold workshop only 3~5 people.
Up to now, we have 30~40 people working on makeup packaging.
The spirit of craftsmanship has been upheld for 40 years, focusing on every detail, just to see the satisfaction smile of customers.
Our Product
Customized makeup packaging:
1. Especially good at packaging for lip gloss, such as lipstick tube, lip gloss tube and lip balm tube.
2. Minimum 100 pieces can be shipped.
3. Help newly created brands develop new products for trial production and share development costs.
4. C-end e-commerce sellers provide a series of complete makeup packaging solution.
Our Service
1. Free samples
2. Free design
3. Trial of customized packaging
4. Inspection certificate of relevant regulations on packaging materials.Gold Lipstick Case cost

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